"Our city is what we make it. I'm running for City Council to help facilitate a new vision. To be a part of a city that invests in, celebrates, welcomes, and reflects us all. Join me!"



To be a city of welcome, we must connect and include people of all faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds. When we include everyone, Richardson will set itself apart as a city with a high level of civic engagement and impressive economic output.

Richardson is a richly diverse community. Though our nation is divided, the diversity of our city should be one of our greatest strengths. Our city is host to creative minds from every corner of the globe and it is one of my goals to bring those minds together – people of different faiths and backgrounds – in order to both strengthen our communities as well as build our city on a foundation of equity, justice, inclusivity, creativity, and imagination.

A city that reflects us all, must include us all.



How we treat the environment has a direct effect on our lives. If we want the air we breathe to be clean and the health of the planet to be good for the future we need to both prioritize and invest in our environment through enhanced financial flows, new technology frameworks, enhanced capacity building frameworks and transparency of action. Solar energy is not only a sensible solution to meet our everyday needs it is also fiscally sound as well. It will be my goal to help Richardson move toward solar as well as create incentives for local business to do so as well.

As a member of City Council, I will propose long-term societal objectives around the concepts of sustainable development and climate safety: true sustainability for our water, air, and biodiversity. I will also propose that we adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals as key guide-posts to our city’s contextual needs in regards to climate. Further, I will propose the development of a Climate Action Team whose mandate would include keeping the Council Members informed on climate best practice and policy in order to most effectively transform Richardson into the healthiest, most climate-friendly city in Texas.



There are many local businesses in Richardson but it’s clear that preference is given to corporate giants. A vibrant and culturally rich city should not only celebrate its local shops, cafes, and places of production, it should also do all it can to help them succeed as well as help new businesses emerge. It will be my goal to both work closely with local owners as well as move City Council down the path of creating the best opportunities for the local shops owned and operated by our neighbors.



Shared space is one of the most valuable elements to a thriving community. How we use our common spaces and develop them will directly determine the quality of life in our city. So it will be one of my top priorities to help move Richardson toward becoming a city that draws its people together through public, common spaces. “Transforming public spaces into vibrant community places” can entirely reshape the culture of a city. I believe our city’s hidden DNA will be discovered through new ways to live life together.



As government leaders and experts know, the main obstacle to affordable housing often comes down to cost. And this is why city governments are the make or break element to the affordable housing puzzle. There are tested and proven solutions that simply need to be connected to city-based policy so that those who depend on affordable housing have a safe and sustainable place to thrive.

There are many fantastic organizations leading the way to which we can learn. Such as the Urban Institute, Housing Partnership Network, National Housing Conference, Coalition for the Homeless, and Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Along with cities leading the way in innovative affordable housing solutions like Denver and Pittsburg. The only mystery to this problem is whether not our elected officials have the political will to accomplish the task at hand.